Coaching can have a positive effect on the performance of individuals, teams and organisational success.  Whatever the type of organisation purposeful coaching can transform results and effectiveness.

Nita has coached a significant number of senior leaders including main board directors, management team members and other key executive talent. Nita brings a combination of coaching expertise and industry experience.  As Nita has held senior level roles in industry including being on an Executive Board this has proved to help clients as Nita is able to quickly understand their context to help them attain their outcomes.  


Nita provides virtual and face to face executive coaching sessions or a combination of both approaches. Please get in touch if you would be interested in this.

The CIPD’s 2009 Taking the Temperature of Coaching survey revealed that more employers are using coaching, currently as high as 90%

This is an increase on coaching use found in past surveys, which stood at 70%

Why work with an Executive Coach?

An executive coach stimulates creativity to enable the client to have more choices, provides tools and techniques for dealing with situations, challenges and thinking.  Nita helps to provide some strategic thinking time and builds confidence.

The coaching process empowers leaders to make decisions within a supportive structure, whilst taking the necessary actions to achieve outcomes.

The coach has an unconditional regard for the client and has no agenda other than supporting the client.

Together the coach and client build a working partnership based on trust.